The Plan

“So what are you doing in California?”That’s easily the first thing everyone wants to know when I tell them that I’ll be living there for two months this summer. My typical response, “shooting pictures.”

But shooting photos of what? Who for? Why? How did you get into that?
Honestly, I can’t answer all the questions. I don’t know what I’ll be shooting pictures of. I can’t tell you if I’ll make any money. I’d like to, but it’s not promised.

Dave is trying to start a stock company. Ed, Elliott, Keith and I will be shooting whatever Dave tells us to shoot. If it’s a little league game we’ll go in and tackle it. If it’s a parade, we’re going to all split up, prance around it and cover it as well as possible. Dave will decide the agenda. We will decide how to shoot it.

The idea is to shoot these events, hand out business cards and be able to sell these photos back. While getting to explore Ventura County, we will actually be doing a little work.

We have an office space downtown, and we’ll be dumping our cards (that’s photo talk for downloading our photos to the computer) and editing our shoots there. The trick will be working with four people and two cars. But I think we’ll adapt just fine. We’re college students, it’s not like we don’t walk everywhere anyway.

The plan is to make a few bucks selling photos. But it’s not promised. My hope? To just enjoy the opportunity. I’d like to break even, but if I don’t, I really couldn’t care less. I know that this is an opportunity that anyone would spend thousands of dollars to get to do. Just the idea of making a few bucks is nice.

A few possible side projects are working with Dave in a program he started in Ventura years ago. He takes “at risk kids” and works with them, teaching them photography in hope of giving them something to look forward to and a chance to stay out of trouble. This year Dave will be running the program out of his first grade classroom.

Another idea (that I am having trouble seeing happening) is to finish a book several photographers from the Kernel started through our Picture Kentucky Workshop. Dave wants us to complete the layout, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure we have the information to complete the book.

No matter what projects we take on, there is no doubt that it’ll be a great chance for the four of us to develop as photographers. Dave LaBelle is a great person to be around to get those opportunities. And if know Dave, I’d say he’ll teach us a few life lessons along the way too.


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