Meet the crew

The foursome

Brad Luttrell (myself!)

Student bio: Junior-to-be, 2009 grad, Fall 2006 photo editor, Spring assistant in Photo, plans for Fall of 2007 are to simply shoot good pictures and write more. Hopefully I’ll become more than a caption writer to the rest of the Kernel.

 Ed Matthews

Bio: Junior-to-be, 2009 grad, 2006-2007 assistant photo editor, 2007-2008 photo editor, already shoots good pictures and is going to be the best photo editor since the Brad Luttrell days, or possibly Jonathan Palmer.

Elliott Hess

Bio: Junior-to-be, 2009 grad, 2006-2007 newb to the Kernel, but already in place to be the 2007-2008 assistant photo editor. Once we teach him a thing or two about writing a caption, he’s sure to be a great photographer/photo editor.

Keith Smiley

Bio: Senior-to-be, 2008 grad, 2005-2006 photo editor, 2006-2007 managing editor and will be the big time editor-in-chief for the Kernel for the 2007-2008 school year. If we don’t know how to do something, Keith will either know it or figure it out.


2 Responses to “Meet the crew”

  1. As a former Kernelite (graduated in 2004), I’ll be looking forward to reading about your adventure this summer! :)

    Thank Dariush — he sent me to this site.


  2. […] in the new year in a hotel room watching the world’s most shocking car crashes with the guys (summer crew). Didn’t sleep much last night. Drove to Louisville this morning. Now I’m really […]

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