Until then…

I keep saying that I’m going to put up the route for all you cats who want to see where we are and where we will be. I’m not sure if I’ll post an exact route, but this is a rough itinerary (subject to change if we feel like it!).

Part 1

I’ll be leaving from Middlesboro Friday (May 25, 07) morning and heading two hours north to Lexington where I’ll pick up comrades Ed Matthews and Elliott Hess. Keith Smiley is on a route all to himself starting a week or so after we depart. From Lexington we take I-64 through Louisville and St. Louis. In St. Louis we get on I-70 and ride it out to Kansas City where we will stop just short of Topeka, Kansas. There is a small state park there, Clinton State Park, where we will spend our first night at one of it’s many campgrounds.

The first day is around 650 miles and just under 10 hours (12 hours for me and 780 miles).

Part 2

We leave from Clinton S.P. early and drive on I-70 through all-of-nothing that Kansas has to offer until we hit Denver. Through a series of turns, road changes and merges we’ll travel about 77 miles north of Denver to spend the night at the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is where the trip could start changing. We may spend more than one night here. That’s up to us once we get there.

Day two is about 9 hours and 600 miles.

Part 3

From the Rocky Mountain N. P. we’re going to take a route that I basically have down. Since it’s kind of complicated, you’re going to settle for a short version. We’re driving through the Rocky Mountains to a highway that leads us North through Arapaho National Forest and Roosevelt National Forest. We’ll either drive along the Medicine Bow Mountains and eventually hit I-80 near Fort Steele or take another route through Steamboat Springs, Colorado and go through Craig and take Highway 13 north to get on I-80 about 60 miles down the road. The deciding factor of which way we go will be the Visitor’s Center when we get to Colorado. They know the place better than we do, so I’ll see what they think is more scenic/less complicated. We’ll probably spend the night in Flaming Gorge National Park in Wyoming. Once again, this will be up to what we find out at the Visitor’s Center.

Part 4

From Flaming Gorge we’ll head North on 191 and ride that out until we get to the Grand Teton National Park. Once again, we’ll spend however many days we want here. I’m not posting mileage or time because that’s up for debate. I can use the map and see the most likely route, but I’m not sure what we’ll be driving through.

Part 5

Travel from the Grand Tetons N.P. to Yellowstone National Park. Here we’ll camp, hike, take pictures and whatever until we head South for Utah.

Part 6

When leaving Yellowstone we’ll take 20 down to get on the interstate in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We’ll take I-15 through Pocatello, Idaho and then through Salt Lake City, Utah. Once we approach  the Cedar City area, we’ll exit to stay at either Bryce Canyon N.P. or Zion N. P. This is another situation where we just ask the Vistor’s Center when we enter Utah. That’s when we’ll decide which one we’re staying at. Another night of camping in a N.P.

Part 7

From one of those National Parks we’ll be driving South on I-15 again through Las Vegas and either dropping in on Ventura from the North by taking 58 from I-15 or taking I-15 through Los Angeles. Right now it looks like we’re going through Los Angeles (oh boy!).

This day is about a 7 or 8 hour drive (well that’s not counting traffic if we go through L.A.)

Sorry for the lack of detail on some of this, but this is a trip that we’ve decided that we want to build as we go and do as much as possible while we’re there. An strict itinerary would limit us, and we’re avoiding any limitations this summer.


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