Don’t stop believing

            Every time I have ever had big plans for a trip, I’ve not believed in them.

            I always feel like something will happen to displace and void all of my preparation. All the saving, research, packing and saying farewells will all be in vain.    Last year when I went to the Keys, I was never able to see myself on a boat diving for lobster until I had snapped the flippers on my feet and was mixing toothpaste and spit into my goggles to keep them from fogging. When I was getting my passport for Europe I was awaiting an eruptive factor to come into play. The lock-down on all aircraft to force me to spend two weeks in Middlesboro instead of crossing the brick streets of European cities, watching a fountain show in Barcelona and bargaining with street vendors in a language I could barely speak. The same reflections came up when I went to Hawaii shortly after my return from Europe, and reoccur for basically anytime I have to travel.

            So far, I’ve never encountered any of these displacements. They’ve all been imaginary and quickly forgotten when I’m waking up at 5 am the day of the trip to load the car and prepare to depart.

            Tomorrow, my day begins early at 5 and will not end until late when I’m laying down on a sleeping bag in Clinton State Park near Topeka, Kansas. Right now I’m scrambling to get my things together, looking over my camera equipment, listening to music on random, and haven’t showered since yesterday.             So I guess I’ll be in doubt until my phone starts singing Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” tomorrow at 5:01 am. That’s when I’ll be pretty sure that this trip is happening. Until then, I’m not sure of anything.


One Response to “Don’t stop believing”

  1. I noticed your 1st night was at Milford State Park (KS). That is my kind of “roughing it” next to a lake, not to far from Walmart, a golf course close by…I would guess the accomodations weren’t too shabby. Until later / DJL

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