The Recap

 Right now I’m in the passenger seat of the car, Elliott is driving and Ed is amongst the mountain of camping and camera gear in the back seat. Although there is still a heap of crap, the mess is nowhere near as loose and likely to collapse as it was yesterday when Elliott sat there for twelve hours.

           Yesterday I left Middlesboro at 5:20 am, and picked Elliott and Ed up at around 8 am. It was 883 miles to
Milford, Kansas from Middlesboro, which means with Ed and Elliott I traveled 750 miles. From Middlesboro I drove 14 hours (12 from Lex). We had planned on driving 650, but we decided to pass up
State Park because we were making good time.

          Choosing music is interesting. We all have vastly different music taste and different ways of listening. We’ve decided that Elliott is the most impatient person we know when it comes to listening to music, which I think Ed and I both anticipated. He can’t make it through a single song before he wants to hear another. It’s quite comical actually.

The site


In the car


          We paid 15 bucks to stay at this great camp ground by a lake. It was hopping last night with all the Memorial Day travelers. The camp ground was pretty full, which worries us a little about the Rocky Mountain National Park. After pitching the tent last night we played Frisbee for about an hour before piling in to go to sleep at a surprisingly early 10:30 or 11.          

We were up and out of Milford by 7:30. But we didn’t get out before making a stop to see a flock of Canadian geese on a playground.          

“Pull over! Pull over!” Elliott yelled while Ed reached into his bag. He whipped out a lighter and a firecracker that he and Elliott picked up at a gas station/tobacco shop/firework store/liquor store (all that right across from the Adult Store with a campground…).          

With a mighty toss the tiny piece of artillery sailed through the air landing short of the geese. With a small crack and light puff of spark and smoke. And then they flew. Not far. But they were startled, which is all their assailants wanted I suppose. Ed jumped back into car and Elliott tucked his camera under his arm and leaped in as we slowly pulled out of the trailer park we had borrowed to turn about and head back toward I-70.         

We’ve passed Wichita, Kansas. I’m not sure what else to give as a reference. I hate to say it, but Kansas is pretty bland. Over and over, we see the immense flat pasture with the occasional hill and a lone tree surrounded by a herd of cattle.          

We’re roughly 200 miles from Colorado. I feel like I should be able to see the road the whole way there, but every time I look away from the computer it’s just 5-10 more miles of road before the next occasional hill that’s littered with advertisements and a sign for an exit that probably has nothing more than a gravel road at the bottom.          

I can’t wait for a mountain.


2 Responses to “The Recap”

  1. Brad this is awesome. Good writing, good photos, good content. I just hope you guys can survive the Elliot music ADD issue.

  2. I was dying in the car with Elliot from our house to the Pub and his music changing. I can’t even imagine a cross country road trip. I’d kill him.

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