To catch up on things

 My pics I wasn’t able to load up before…

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From today:

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            Blogger note: I’m going to try and post this when we hit Rock Springs in a few hours. I’m not sure where I’ll actually be when it hits the web for your viewing pleasure. When I write these things, I’m not updating them if something has changed since it was posted. You’re basically reading a travel journal. After I type it, it’s finished.

Ed is barreling through Wyoming via I-80, toying with his ipod occasionally. As soon as he finds a song, he begins to hum almost immediately before being distracted with traffic or the landscape (or possibly the lack of both) and settling for tapping his fingers against the steering wheel.           

Elliott sleeps in the back in the middle of $20,000 cameras and computers that keep falling over onto him with each huge dip in the road. I just looked back to see him shaking his head at me and Ed laughing at almost getting air off one of the bumps. Today is his birthday.            

I’m sitting in the passenger seat snug between the maps sticking out of the door and another $3,000 worth of camera equipment, my travel journal and an overheating power inverter loaded with chargers for our playthings.           

Last night we got turned around while looking for a campsite, probably because I was talking to my mom while taking a turn (although Ed and I both still believe that the road wasn’t marked very well). We drove a good 15 miles into a storm before it was clear we were going the wrong way.             What was ahead was Wyoming, and one of the nastiest thunder storms we could have dreamed up. It would have provided great lightning pictures, but that’s about all we would have benefited. At first we were just going to say screw it, and push on. But the further we went the worse the rain and lightning was getting. So we turned around and went back down the scenic route we had planned.           

It had been dark for about two hours since we spent so much time in Fort Collins looking for wireless and just enjoying some civilization. We hit the first campsite we found, which was a tiny place with about 13 spots, only one of which was taken. There was no camp host when we arrived or when we woke up at 5:30. So we decided to bail on the $16 camping fee since no one was around to give us an envelope to put it in…           

Right now we’re headed for Rock Springs, Wyoming because that’s the only place we’ve can figure we’ll be able to buy some food and possibly some warm clothing. Then we’re taking 191 up to the Grand Tetons for tonight. We’ll probably hang around there for another night, but it’s totally up for debate.            

We’ve decided to drive down the coast, but we’re not sure how much of Oregon we’re going to see. Elliott wants to see Crater Lake and was talking about Mt. Saint Helens. We’ll have to make a decision probably between those. But we’ll be coming down the coast of
California pretty much the whole way right into Ventura                       

I want to explain a few of the photos I posted yesterday. They needed captions but we had to rush and I had a poor connection.            

* Elliott’s photo of me sliding down the snow is from Ouzel Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. That was right next to the waterfall, and the snow was about 25-30 feet up (not deep).           

* My photo of the mirror with Ed and Elliott doing push-ups is funny because that’s all they keep talking about, but that’s the only day they’ve carried through. Ed has done a few of his workouts, but not continuously.            

* The photo of all three of us in front of the mountain was taken with a timer and my camera resting on a rock at 12 or 13 thousand feet.           

* The photo of the campsite and fire is Camp Dick’s.           

* The photo of Ed standing next to the tent is our campsite the night we used our backcountry pass.           

* The photos of Ed and Elliott climbing around on the rocks is behind our campsite when we had our backcountry pass. We climbed up the side of the mountain and chilled out for about an hour and a half. It was amazing.           

* The photo of Ed and Elliott sitting on that rock taking photos is hilarious if you look close. Walking up to camp we ran up on a few marmots. You can see the little guy’s head sticking out from the rock. I have another photo of Elliott sitting on top of a rock looking over one side and the marmot sticking its head out the other side. I tried to reload it last night, I’ll try again today.

Thanks for reading. Give us a call.


2 Responses to “To catch up on things”

  1. Happy Birthday Elliott…I think this is one you will remember.

  2. Sounds like you all are having a great time! I am loving all the pictures! They are awesome!!!

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