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From Yellowstone

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It wasn’t in the itinerary. But it was necessary.           

I’m sitting on a bed next to a half full pot of coffee and camera gear loosely laying about the bed and looking at computers and lenses spread over a heating unit. When we were coming into Yellowstone National Park we were all talking about how cold it had been the past few nights. The only warm night we’ve had since Kansas was the night we got lost after Fort Collins. So two warm and three really cold nights. We decided it was time for another warm night.            

The only way to have one was to breakdown and rent a room. Today is day six and we hadn’t showered. Getting a bath was climbing the latter quickly on priorities. We’re in Grant Village and I think today is shaping up to be our first relatively calm day. We’re planning on spending several days in Yellowstone (only one in a room) so we’ll be able to see most of the attractions we’ve talked about.           

We wanted to stay at the Old Faithful Inn, but it was full. We snatched up one of the last rooms in the park.
Old Faithful was just that. But as much as we wanted to be entertained, we were more interested in taking funny photos of ourselves with the spray in the background and laughing at how bored the kids were with the immense spray of 200
F water over 100 feet into the air.            

Last night we stayed in the Grand Tetons in Jenny’s Lake campsite. We were looking forward to a meal that wasn’t Ramen noodles, which meant chicken noodle soup (we’re on a high carb diet apparently). Since the cheap can opener I brought for the trip didn’t work for more than one can, we get the experience of using Ed’s Leatherman to open up our cans. So after all the work to open up two cans of soup, I spilled our dinner onto the fire and we were doomed to eat Ramen once again. I was pretty upset about it, and was only guessing that Elliott and Ed were pretty mad about it too. Elliott made sure to let me know he didn’t appreciate it today though.           

After a redundant dinner, we met our neighbors, Emily something-that-sounded-like-door and Heather something-or-another. They came over and we played scrabble. It was pretty much in agreement in our camp that we were glad to talk to someone besides ourselves. Not that we’re not getting along, but after six days of constant exposure to each other we were past due to talk to someone about more than our order off a menu.            

I thought it was nice because it reminded us why we’re out here. Of course this part of the trip was our idea but Emily and Heather’s questions reminded us of why we’re even in Wyoming to start with. I was rejuvenated about California and got excited about what we’re going to be doing.            

Its 3:25 and I’m not even sure we’re doing anything today. We’re all pretty tired from driving 2,225 miles in the past six days. My car has definitely gotten over 2,000 miles worth of wear and tear. I’ll need an oil change within the next 500 miles. The brakes are squeaking but I’m not sure why because they were replaced before we left. The driver’s side mirror is a little shaky because Ed nicked a highway cone in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We’ve been giving Ed a hard time because he accidentally jumped some railroad tracks that weren’t marked. It made a horrible sound but nothing was broken. All of this is on top of the car being littered with dirt, woodchips and food bags.            

It’s all part of the trip. I figure if I get off with this being the only thing that happens in what I figure will be about 7,000 miles added onto my car then we’ll be doing alright.