To the coast

Right now we’re sitting at a Kampgrounds Of America (KOA, I hate when places use a K when a C makes more sense) that we stayed at last night. It had way more than the lodges we stayed at the past two nights.

 If you look at a map of Montana, find West Yellowstone. It sits right on highway 20. We’re about 20 minutes from Idaho, where we’ll stay on 20 all the way through Idaho Falls and stay on 20 to Mountain Home. Then we take 84 East to Portland, Oregon. From Portland we plan to take I-30 West to the 101, California here we come (if you got that, you’re as lame as I am for saying it).

My car now needs transmission service. I think it’s just a sensor, but I’m no mechanic. It came up when I was going down a mountain and put it in the lower gears. It’s not slipping, not having any trouble changing gears or using any gears.

 As far as when and where we’ll be stopping. I don’t know. Give us a call. We would love to talk to someone about ourselves, and maybe ask how you’re doing as well.

My knee is looking OK. Better than yesterday. I thought I was going to have to hit a doctor up yesterday.

This is a quick post probably full of grammatical mistakes and silly misspellings. We’re hitting the road. It’s 9:47 here.

Thanks for reading. We’ll keep trying to make it interesting.


One Response to “To the coast”

  1. No misspellings Brad, you must be a natural. ;)

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