What actually happened?

                      So that first part was a bit rushed, and I’m not into editing and revising to fit the now. So here it goes again. 

           Right now we’re in Portland. We drove 350 miles from last night, when I typed that first part on a picnic table in Farewell Bend State Park. We met a guy, Rick, who started talking to us when he saw that we were about to play some Frisbee. He said he had a fun game. We played his game, which was made up of string, PVC pipe and golf balls. After about 10 minutes he was throwing a sales pitch to us. “I got an extra one of these in the car only 40 bucks!” Lame.

            Since we’ve had the opportunity to shower I’ve been taking advantage of it just to wash my knee. Sadly enough though I haven’t felt a shower necessary where I went six days without showering at the beginning of this trip. My hygiene has benefited from the knick in my knee just in that I’m having to shower. On top of the bathing I clean my knee three times a day with peroxide, Solarcaine and Neosporin (if you care).

            Elliott spotted us a hotel room (or Becky and Tom rather, I’m sure Elliott’s not paying the bill). Navigating Portland isn’t the most fun part of the trip I’ve had but I’ve driven more confusing cities, I think. When we first got here we parked in search of wireless to check on a Volvo service. That was a blast. This place has some characters. Just in the block where we were sitting we saw a lady in a bikini walk up to a guy and take off his shirt and they both ran across the street in their skin. Later she was walking down the center stripe by herself. Another group of girls where walking around in self fashioned shirts that had been torn and ripped to barely make bras, let alone shirts. Everyone who walked by had their own style. Maybe I can get some of Ed and Elliott’s photos.

            So the plan for the next two days is sketchy. We’re going to a dealer tomorrow, but we’re not sure if it’s going to be in Beaverton, Portland or Salem. I’ll just start calling places tomorrow and telling them what my car is saying and see how soon I can get in. If they say it’s probably not a big deal we’ll be heading south and I’ll stop in Santa Rosa, California.

             We’ve gone 3,500 miles roughly and I’m expecting well over 4,000 by the time we reach Ventura. We should arrive in three or four days if the car maintenance doesn’t throw us off. If that happens we’ll make the most out of it and enjoy the city, whichever one that is. 


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