Catch me up


Apparently people are reading since we’re averaging 300 hits a day with our best day at 670. As a photographer, and student of Dave, I know the eye feeds first. So here you go. Critique, compliment and question. I like hearing from you guys. Thanks for reading and keep checking to see what we get into on the 101.


beyond63.jpg   beyond222.jpg   beyond32.jpg

beyond12.jpg   beyond45.jpg



3 Responses to “Catch me up”

  1. Britney Says:

    did you pet the bears? and is that REAL snow?!?!

  2. Brad,
    You are so right about El not paying for the room. Glad we could give you guys a warm room with a shower. Hope your knee is better. Hopefully the car has nothing majorly wrong with it. The pictures are incredible. Elliott, don’t get to close to the bears. Some of these pictures are making the moms pretty nervous. The 101 drive looks awesome, lots of beach and rock formations. You guys be careful and keep having fun. Don’t forget to call Margaret to let her know when you’ll be there. El, I’ll talk to you soon. Mom Becky

  3. Tom & Becky Says:

    What a great blog. Thanks for letting us keep up with your trip. Your writing and photos have made it feel like we’ve been able to have a breif visit with you all each day. Looking forward to seeing the 101.

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