Snappers and jazz like that

          These are just pictures of us, doing what we do. Being obnoxiously loud, snapping photos in each other’s faces and everyone else around us, yelling at wildlife and probably bringing a bad name to Kentucky. Quite a few of these are of me which was intentional. I loaded up so many photos of them earlier I figured I’d show you guys what I’ve been into. Enjoy.

By Elliott Hess:


20070530-mountains-2147-color.jpg   20070529-mountains-141-bw.jpg   try.jpg  


20070531-mountains-0623.jpg   20070530-mountains-2080.jpg   beyond72.jpg   beyond62.jpg  

beyond31.jpg   beyond22.jpg   beyond51.jpg   

beyond44.jpg   20070527-mountains-428-bw.jpg

By Ed Matthews:


beyond1.jpg   beyond-4.jpg   beyond5.jpg  

beyond-2.jpg   beyond9.jpg  

beyond-6.jpg   beyond81.jpg   blog-4.jpg


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