Welcome to Cali


            California came. And we missed it.

            Southbound on the 101 the welcome to California sign was blocked with an abandoned semi trailer. We all shouted and turned around to go back and take snappers of ourselves in front of it, which turned into leaving our mark.

                   Today’s theme: team spirit. It all started with Ed marking our trip on the post. “Team Kernel 6/05/07 Lexington, Ky to Ventura, Ca 4100 miles”. That’s the mileage at that time. We’ll be closer to 4,700 by the time it actually happens.

             Shortly after that my mom called because I texted my dad to say we made it. While on the phone with her we started running up on something I had never seen before. On the shoulder of the road was a tree that had broken about 75 feet up and had no branches and was the biggest round tree I had ever seen. I wanted to say about 30 sentences at once. Instead, “Oh my God Elliott. Look at that…tree,” came out.

            I was so surprised that I’m not even sure why I addressed only Elliott and I forgot about my mom being on the phone. It was my first sight of a redwood tree. Honestly, it wasn’t even a big redwood compared to what we’ve seen today.


             We stopped on a beach and explored for two hours. I thought we were there for maybe 45 minutes. Time just flew and so did the photos. I took an entire gig of photos (a lot for those of you who aren’t photogs) without even thinking about it. We basically risked our lives the entire time (sorry moms…and yes Becky that’s Elliott jumping rocks again) by scaling large rocks and looking at the seascape. I’m not going to say much about it. The pictures that came weren’t great but they can show you better than I can through a keyboard.

             While climbing Ed slipped and scratched his leg. He showed me and I told him I wasn’t impressed. He’s OK, just in need of a shower (which I think we all are). We signed Team Kernel onto the rocks there too before leaving. Ed left his marking on a leg he was climbing too. I told you, team spirit.

             Right now I’m on a beach in Redwood Forrest National Park. It’s dark and we’re trying to warm a few cans of Ravioli over a fire. It’s not working too well because we didn’t find much besides hard driftwood or soft, rotten logs. We looked for about an hour and Ed chopped at a huge piece of driftwood the entire time and we got one decent log off it. (Right now Elliott is mad at me for getting a small bit of ash in the pot and mad at Ed for stirring it in. Ed and I don’t care).

            We got to play Frisbee on the beach after finding firewood. It was actually warm then. We played for about an hour before coming back to start the fire.

             So here we are again. I’m listening to Ed and Elliott quote the same jokes we’ve been laughing at, sing the same songs we’ve been singing and use the same catch phrases that we’ve all had for two weeks. We’re all in on it, and I’m sure we’d get on anyone’s nerves who was around us.             I’ve always wanted to camp on a beach. This is something I really wanted to do on the coast. I pushed for this. Ed was worried about getting sand in our gear, but I say it’s worth it. Although, it’s not really flip flop weather anymore. And I can hardly feel my toes.

             As the Ravioli is almost finished, so is this blog. It’s not much. But it helps you get a fill, warms you a bit but still leaves you wanting more.             I hope I miss out on the latter.  

Start new day here (June 6, 07)

             We’re in a Super 8 Motel parking lot scamming wireless in Eureka, California. We look like creeps; three guys in a black car with tinted windows from out of state all on laptops and with long lenses. Today we’re heading to San Francisco to see the sequoia forest there and explore the city.

             Not sure where we’re sleeping. Heck, I’m not even sure if we’ll be in the city today. We’re a little over 300 miles away.

             Keep a look out. If we go in, I’m sure I’ll upload again. I have a lot to post about but not much time. I’m not a fan of doing this in a car in a parking lot.

1blog1.jpg   1blog11.jpg   1blog51.jpg  

1blog7.jpg   1blog31.jpg  

Snappers by Ed Matthews (more to come):


1blog4.jpg   1blog3.jpg   theblog1.jpg



2 Responses to “Welcome to Cali”

  1. Funny how Elliott leaps from boulder to boulder and never gets injured and yet you and Ed get the “scrapes”. I’m afraid when Elliott finally gets hurt it may require a sling. Glad you made it to California…enjoy the drive down 101.

  2. El,
    How about trying to keep your feet on the ground. You’re killing me. I hope Brad and Ed’s legs are healing well. Glad you made it California. Keep having fun but be CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom Becky

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