I moved to San Francisco just to see what I could be

            There are some days that it seems like every picture you shoot is better than the last. Every frame will be in the competition for the best possible composition and exposure. It seems like you’re never going to stop making each picture better.

            Today wasn’t that day.

             In fact, I didn’t shoot a single picture that I actually like today. That means not one single frame out of 200 are decent. Sure, I’ll upload the usual amount onto this Web site just to give you an idea but go ahead and feel warned. I’m not a fan of anything.

             Today we basically didn’t do anything. We drove, and screwed around a lot. I can’t tell you how long it took me to get that last post up. We were scamming off of a Days Inn (or creepin’ as we call it). That failed eventually and I guess we tried about 7 different parking lots all over Eureka. Some of you are thinking go on and forget it then. But honestly, when we’re getting as many hits as we are I feel kind of like people care (even though most people aren’t reading the text) and want to produce. We’ve had two days with over 650 hits and most days go around 300.

             Ed is working on an incredibly impressive tent. This is probably one of his best yet. I actually hope it rains tonight so he didn’t just do all this for nothing.

             We all seem to have our own jobs. Ed is the leader in building the tent and chopping the wood that Elliott and I bring in. I light the fire. Elliott sets up the tripod for us to cook on. Ed opens the cans and stirs. On the road I’m the driver, Ed is the navigator and Elliott is the backseat driver and backup vocalist for whatever we’re listening to. He works in a few lyrics in between checking his phone for text messages from Shannon, usually to find he hasn’t gotten one. None. But he’s optimistic.

(FYI, I’m thoroughly loving this fire against my back while I type on this picnic table)


 Start new day, June 7, 07                       

            I just drank a cold free coffee that cost me $1.50. The lady last night told me “free coffee at 8 AM!” I was so excited. Elliott ran into a similar problem, but handled it differently. He was buying one of his girly drinks, a caramel cappuccino, and the lady told him it was $3.75. He said, “No.” He told her he wasn’t going to pay that much for it and she rang it up for $2.50. I wish we could do that with campsites.

            I called Martha yesterday to let her know we’re on our way. She sounds really nice and she said she was excited to see us. At least until I told her we hadn’t showered in about three days. I said I hope we get one before we get there, and she said, “Yeah…” We’re about 100 miles north of San Francisco. It’s 11 AM, another late start. We’ll try to get there today and spend today and some of tomorrow there. Mostly we just want a place to pile into and stay. But I’m positive we’ll miss this camping. Today is day 13. We have about 3 more to go.

            That’s all for now kids. Ed is practicing throwing a hatchet into trees. He’s actually getting pretty good. Elliott is probably wishing he had stayed on facebook a few more minutes. And we’re all hungry. So it’s time to get out of town and get back on highway 1 and head to the 101.

            Thanks to Alice, Allie, the parentals and everyone else who keeps complimenting the site. We enjoy going through the comments and seeing your opinions. I’ll post more photos when I get a stable connection.     

            Thanks to anyone who reads. Look for another update tonight (our time) or tomorrow morning.            


4 Responses to “I moved to San Francisco just to see what I could be”

  1. I think these pictures are still great! I am also glad that you all have made it to California in one piece! I can’t wait to see what happens now!

  2. Britney Says:

    im glad youre so very dedicated to giving us all something to read to spice up our mundane lexington lives. I am incredibly jealous im not gonna lie. youre taking pictures of the vast expanse on incrediblism, i on the other hand…. men with gold painted shovels and my friends. haha. i created a bookmark on my new laptop (baby mac) specifically for this webpage and i called it “brads bloggin” just thought id let you know, that way you can feel special that i actually focus my add brain on religiously reading something. keep it coming! :)

  3. I suppose you “intentionally” omitted the picture of Elliott jumping off the large stump (which I’m sure he did) to spare his mother. Try to keep an eye on him when you guys park at the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a beautiful view, but not a good “jumping” location. Enjoy the drive down the Monterey penninsula and make sure you swing over by Pebble Beach and Carmel.

  4. Giacinta Says:

    I was visiting my friend’s website when I clicked on a link that took me to your website! :) I’m not 100% who you are and what you’re up to but I like your energy and really enjoyed reading what you shared. Your ideas and perspectives are fun and good. The photos are very cool! I’ll visit again to read more and view more! Have fun and be safe! Giacinta

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