Fisherman’s Wharf

This blog comes to you from San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. We’re about to head out and explore the city and find some food. I’ll upload photos from that when I get back.

I just thought I’d post a photo of us coming across the Golden Gate and then two pics from last night. The one with the rope in the tree is Ed and Elliott trying to pull dead branch from a tree for firewood. The other is Ed’s great creation last night to keep out the rain.

It didn’t rain.



2 Responses to “Fisherman’s Wharf”

  1. Ed the tent was truly a thing of beauty!

  2. Ronnie Loach Says:

    In SF you can camp without the tent. Just go to Golden Gate Park after dark and see for yourself. Or Haight St. Or any other street downdown, but not in Chinatown.

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