Subtle changes

If you look the the right at the tool bar section (right under the calendar) you’ll notice a few minor changes.

One is the hit counter, and another is the search bar.

I wanted to point out the search bar because it’s really cool and handy if you’re actually looking for something. Want to see me bleeding on the side of the road but can’t remember what post it was? Just type in something like, leg, or cut, and the search goes through all the posts and finds what you want. You remember that hilarious photo of Elliott peeing but can’t remember when that was posted, right? Well now just type in pee and that post will come up.

Another change to soon be made is a tag cloud. Each post will have “tags” in it that tell you in one word what it’s about. So if it’s about Ed, I would tag it as his name and it goes to the tag cloud. In that tag cloud will be all the tags and you can click on any name and it will bring up all the posts that have that tag in it. This is something I’m excited about getting going but it will take some time.

Thanks for reading.


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