San Francisco revision

          I jumped to a conclusion about San Francisco.

           I shouldn’t have judged it by our first day because all I saw was probably one of the worst ends of towns and the touristy end of town. Not always the most flattering parts of a city.

          After rolling out of our hotel at the crack of noon we started walking. With a piece of paper with a few scribbles of directions I got offline we started wondering toward Chinatown, or we thought. We looked at a map on a bus stop for about five minutes and just made up our own route to pursue.

                   What we didn’t’ realize is we weren’t going through the ideal part of Chinatown for tourists. My directions had taken us to the backside of it, where we found to me what was most interesting.

           There weren’t many tourists trap shops or venders trying to get you to look at their dinner specials. Instead we were getting ran over by people carrying bags of their dinner (authentic Chinese food) in bags tied and hung over their shoulders. Protesters handed flyers and newspapers about the persecution of Falun Gong, an ancient Chinese practice for self-improvement of the mind, body and spirit, by the Chinese government.

          Yes I’m aware that Chinatown isn’t like the rest of San Francisco, but it was part of what made the whole experience a great one for me. I loved walking through the crowds looking at the signs completely in Chinese, not being able to tell what a single sign on the venders’ shops meant. The smells were so amazing. Every step brought out another mystery scent.

          After walking through Stockton Tunnel we made a left and found the “real” Chinatown. You know, the one with all the authentic Chinese toys of President Bush and NASCAR replicas. This area was fun too but didn’t stand up to the one a block up the hill.

          Then of course we drove down Lombard. It was everything we expected…curvy. For anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the street in San Feirro called Windy Windy Windy Windy Street, is from that road. If you want to see a Mini Cooper S take it, click here, or the annual big wheel race is here: .

          There’s a lot I didn’t get to do in San Francisco, but now I have a good reason to travel back this way again. I guess you can’t do it all in one trip.


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