Work time

          We didn’t waste any time today.

          I got a call from Erin LaBelle at 9:30 AM asking if we wanted to go shoot something this morning.

           “Yeah sure,” I said. And I was ready despite what you’re probably thinking. I had been up for an hour or so. It was Ed and Elliott who demanded more sleep.

           After Dave showed up we headed to his favorite restaurant in Ventura. It’s a small Mexican place whose owner he’s known for 10 years. It was a great meal and I’m looking forward to eating there again.

           Within in an hour of getting our business cards to hand out we were doing what we came here to do. It was quick, and sooner than I anticipated. That’s not to say I’m not glad we’re starting. Because once I started shooting today I was on fire. I wasn’t getting great photos, but I definitely got a grip on what these assignments will be like.

           Which is what I want to finally clear up with people: what I’ll be doing.

           Our company is called Pictures with Purpose. On our cards are our names and a contact phone number, E-mail address and the Web site that you can find the photos. Each time we shoot our subject will have its own gallery on the site. This is where we become business men.

          Our job is to take photos that people will buy. That means nice general pictures of whatever we’re shooting that give you a feel for our subject, but it goes a little farther. For example, today we covered something called Summer Fest. Kids have a chance to rock climb, play games, see raptors, eat and all that typical carnival stuff. Normally I would have tried to cover as much of that as possible and would never spend my entire time in once place. But I found that there were more parents at the rock climbing section and I know the parents are the ones who will buy the photos. So I stayed in that area while Ed, Elliott and Dave moved out to find places where they could shoot.

           I moved a lot of my cards today. In a little over an hour I handed out around 15 cards and had two people ask for my personal card to shoot for their family. That may sound slim but that means I focused on 15 families in about an hour.

           After shooting pics of a kid I see has a parent there, I just approach them and tell them what we’re doing. Some are excited and some aren’t. It’s very hard to predict who will be really interested.

           After shooting we all picked lemons from trees near the parking area. It was a neat experience and we got a few pics from it. 

          After shooting the coolest thing happened. I’m not trying to keep you hanging but it’s too much for me to think about blogging about right now. I need to take a break (at least for an hour or so) before I put together another piece of text.

          So until then: To be continued…


3 Responses to “Work time”

  1. Meg Luttrell Says:

    glad the work has started. stay safe! good luck with the sales, although that isnt as important as enjoying yourself.

  2. Britney Says:

    i HATE to be continueds. rawr.

  3. you tell stories so much better than elliott.
    me-“elliott what did you do today”
    elliott-“took pictures”
    me-“of what?”
    elliott-“a festival”
    me-“really? how was it?”
    end of conversation….

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