Pictures with Purpose

If you’ve found this site by searching for Ed Matthews, Elliott Hess, Brad Luttrell or Keith Smiley and/or Pictures with Purpose you are in the right place, well sort of.

This is the blog from our trip to California to work for your area. If you would like to see your prints, click here, or go to Once you’re at print room, click the link that says find photos. Type in your gallery name (for example, if you were at Summer Fest, your gallery name on your card is summer) and your photos are in this album. If you want to see your photographer’s photos look at the first three letters of each picture. Our initials are ecm for Ed, elh for Elliott, bjl for Brad and kas for Keith.

We appreciate you looking for our work, and hope you find what you’re looking for. If you can’t, then give us a comment on this site or email us from one of our emails in the contact us page. Pictures with Purpose is in the Ventura and Ojai area to cover local events but also work for you.


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