(Back) in business


Yesterday we moved into our office. It’s a small air conditioned room above a tire shop. Hopefully we’ll spend tomorrow setting it up and then we’ll finally get kicking on taking some photos. We spent two hours looking at photography books in Barnes and Noble today, and I got the itch.

Today I met Ventura County Star photographer James Glover II (at Chipotle! They have two here). He was a nice guy. Hopefully we’ll be meeting more of the staff later this week.

After dinner we cruised the streets thinking of what to shoot and decided to head back up to a lake Dave showed us last night. We didn’t find anything, mostly thanks to a cloudless sky, which made for a dull sunset. I did happen to catch that awesome photo at the top of Ed hopping a fence with a no tresspassing sign on the gate. It’s not posed either.

I have all too much to say about the car update. All I can tell you is that I’m driving a Dodge (low)Caliber. It’s the lowest end of the model that they make. It’s not the 300 hp version that you hear Dodge brag about, so don’t worry. We’re being safe with our slow beast.

This is a quick post, just to say that I’ve given the site a temporary fix so I can upload a few photos tomorrow. This also means that more of the sites photos may be missing. If you find any missing let me know where so I can remove those.

Thanks to those of you who are still reading the blog. If you have a moment, read this article written by my friend Julie. She’s interning at the Post this summer and is one of the Kernel’s best writers (if not the best).




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