From Ed’s blog

Editor’s Note: The following is not from the author of this blog. This was pulled from Ed Matthews’ online diary. 

In the past two weeks I have:

-Traveled 1o miles short of 5,ooo
-Been through 11 states
-Taken five showers
-Worn four shirts, three pairs of pants and four pairs of underwear.
-Slept in a tent for 10 nights
-Slept in 25-degree weather (Colorado)and 95-degree weather (Oregon)
-Realized i was totally unprepared for backcountry hiking
-Lied to a park ranger
-Bought $15o worth of unnecessary necessary camping gear
-Thrown several snowballs
-Hit a highway traffic cone
-Stolen a night’s sleep from the state of Colorado
-Driven at least 50 miles in the wrong direction
-Watched tourists watch the ground spew hot water
-Seen five bears
-Stood five feet from an apathetic buffalo
-Fed several families of Pika several handfuls of animal crackers
-Gotten new shoes for free
-Driven an hour to use the internet
-Been through a town with a population of 57
-Photographed a cop, which led to him following us for several blocks (Portland)
-Talked to a homeless man for close to an hour (Portland)
-Let the Pacific Ocean run through my fingers
-Climbed a sand dune
-Fed chips to a seagull
-Driven just about all of the 101
-Climbed everything I could
-Won the patchy beard contest
-Taken over 5,ooo pictures


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