The end is never the end

            I really liked Ed’s list, and I think it’s probably the best way to do a recap over my trip. I can’t think of a more poetic way to tell  you what I’ve realized than to free write. This is by no means the last post. Keep coming back for tales of what we’re doing and hilarious snappers But here are just a few things I’ve noticed this trip:

·        It’s unlikely that all three of us shower in the same day.

·        I’m not comfortable with anyone else driving me or my car.

·        I love driving curvy roads.

·        A tent and sleeping pad make a perfectly good bed.

·        Just because its 50 degrees when you go to sleep doesn’t mean it won’t be 25 degrees when you wake up.

·        Southern California has the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. Better than La Esperanza or Chipotle put together.

·        You would be surprised how filling Vienna Sausages and Ramen Noodles can be.

·        I would move to Portland in a heartbeat.

·        Railroad tracks sneak up on you sometimes.

·        Just because the guy said on the phone you could rent a car doesn’t mean you will be able to without 45 minutes of arguing.

·        It’s OK for my little sister to be a hippy.

·        I shouldn’t be surprised when we don’t know which way to go, left or right, and I have to make a decision.

·        I also shouldn’t be surprised when I get all the blame for going east when I should have gone west.

·        Over 5,000 miles of bug guts looks just as nasty as it sounds.

·        There are far more unorganized and poorly designed newspapers across this country than there are good ones.

·        Camping is only cheaper when you aren’t spending 50 bucks a day on camping gear.

·        I miss playing the guitar.

·        While I love nature and the mountains, I would rather be in a city. Humans are the most interesting animal I’ve ever seen.

·        People are the same everywhere you go in America. There are rednecks, hippies, minorities, homeless and conservative.

·        I’ve also found that I fall right about in the middle of all of these.

·        5,000 miles felt like nothing.

·        I want to leave the country next summer.

·        My parents have more faith in me than they let on.

·        My Volvo is a heck of a car.

·        I don’t like having my “favorite music” posted on facebook because it’s too easy to make assumptions about my personality.

·        In fact, I don’t even have a favorite type of music anymore, let alone a genre.

·        No matter what someone tells you about a place, you have to see it for yourself. Not to agree with them, to make your own judgment. Chances are, you won’t feel the same be it for better or worse.

·       Ben Folds is right, “The more you know, you know you don’t know shit.”

·        There is nothing wrong with Kentucky and there is nothing perfect about anywhere else I’ve been.

·        I miss Mary Margaret.

·        It doesn’t feel good to know that people are envying what you’re doing. It feels good when they tell you they admire it.

·        I hope I never get tired.

·        I never want to get to a point to where I stop learning.

·        Most of all, I’ve come to believe that it takes more courage, faith in yourself, and just simple willpower than any amount of money to do what you want. I hope I don’t forget any of this.


7 Responses to “The end is never the end”

  1. I don’t like having my “favorite music” posted on facebook because it’s too easy to make assumptions about my personality.

    that’s why i deleted most of what i had in there and put the basic core of what i listen to.

    i’m impressed that you’ve gained this much from only being gone for a few weeks. think of what else the summer has in store for you! everything happens for a reason, and i think this trip and everything that happens during the rest of the summer will be an enlightening and life-changing experience.

    i know you said i should do this some time, but honestly i don’t think i have the guts to drive across the country like you, ed and elliott did. i admire all three of you, for putting yourselves out there like that.

    the blog is looking great, pal. make a little time to give me a ring.
    your pally,

  2. As odd as this sounds, that post made me miss Paris. Clearly a different side of the world…(about 15 hours different actually, as I found out last year going from Paris to LA within a 3-day period) but trips like this are much the same in what you get out of them. Glad to hear you’re making the best of it.

  3. Good stuff. I could have done without the Ben Folds quote.

  4. It is so amazing to see how much this trip has changed you…how much you’ve grown by doing this!!! And I absolutley love the last two items!!! Can people be envious of what you are doing and still admire you for doing it?

  5. Ditto on the Janie comment….. (i’m smiling on the inside) Denise

  6. […] a good story. But for every story I have to tell I feel an underlying moral that I learned, some of which I told you about after only two weeks on the road. One of my good friends from home said “I’m sure you […]

  7. […] called a “know-it-all”. If I’ve come to decide anything it’s back to the Ben Folds’ lyrics. I don’t have it all figured out, but I have gained some mileage. Taoist use ”ten […]

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