Pictures at the pier


This is the Pier just off of California Street in Ventura.

Today we were optimistic about a nice sunset and headed down to this area. We found the typical makeup of the beach. Surfers, roller bladers, beach bums, families, single guys with light sabers, two drunken guys dancing on rocks and dodging the crashing waves’ splashes while listening to a handheld radio and a dead bird. A heavy fog rolled in and covered up the beach and most of downtown Ventura. Just like a few of the characters that are littered across the pier, the fog seemed unusual for most beaches. It was a very dense and quick moving fog. It moved in within about half an hour and hung around until what we thought was dark. Once we got back to the Avenue we realized there was still 45 minutes left of day light.

Slowly I’m finding what Dave explained as making this place different. The people here are strange. I don’t mean this in a hurtful or negative way. So far I love it.

The weather today in Ventura: 65 degrees and sunny. The weather today 10 miles outside of Ventura in Oak View where our office is: a scorching 85-95 degrees. This makes working in this space completely enjoyable, well if you’re there at 9 AM like we were today. We also found that it is not desirable to be there around 2 PM. So what to do when it’s noon and the light is flat and building hot? Cross the street and go to the best Mexican that I’ve ever had at Casa de Lago.

The photo below is of our office. Ed is working on a yard sale table supported by cinder blocks and we’re all sitting on furniture that cost Dave about 5 bucks, and one chair that was donated my Grandpa Mac.

Keep on the lookout for more photos. Keith should be arriving tomorrow. Work has started but it’s been laid back. All this ends on Saturday when we have two festivals to shoot that span the entire day. We’ll probably pull a 17 hour day.


pier9.jpg   pier8.jpg   pier7.jpg  

pier1.jpg   pier5.jpg   pier1.jpg  

pier4.jpg   pier6.jpg  


One Response to “Pictures at the pier”

  1. Oh my god, it’s the Marissa Cooper Lifeguard Stand of Angst.

    See, if you watched the OC, you’d be way more excited about that lifeguard stand.

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