Seen better days

We shouldn’t have been so courageous and foolish.

From the second we stepped outside and saw the same thick fog from last night still lingering, we should have went back to our rooms and fallen back asleep. Instead, we piled into the car, stacked camera equipment into our rental vehicle and decided to head to Oak View to see if the fog was just in Ventura.

“Do you think this fog makes it through the mountains to Ojai?” asked Elliott.

“I don’t know. I guess we’ll see,” I said.

It does. No worries. The light was flat and there was no sign of a sun rise. We pulled a u-turn, which is becoming infamous for our trips. We can’t go out without taking at least two or three u-turns. This u-turn led us back to the pier to take our chances with the fog as we had last night.

The same thick fog that made for interesting pictures around the pier last night was now just strangling any hope of good light and keeping us from finding anything to shoot. We walked down the pier and shot a few pictures of the homeless sleeping with their fishing poles and bikes resting near their make-shift beds. They’re not impressive pictures, but I guess they tell the story of the area.

There were dolphins swimming about a hundred yards or less from the pier. But without a longer lens I wasn’t going to be able to get anything good. I tried a few times to catch the dolphins jumping but it turns out that’s really really hard to do. The best shot I got wasn’t any better than tourist Joe could have taken with his point and shoot. A fin breaking a small wave before a tiny spout of air sounds through the top of the dolphin’s body. It made me appreciate the shot of the great white eating the seal on Planet Earth a lot more. But then again, they did spend two months trying to get that shot. Three minutes and five frames left me with nothing to brag about. But I’m OK with that.

Basically I’m saying we woke up earlier and got worse pictures. I think the next time we walk out the door at 5:30 and see fog we’ll head right back to bed. Unless that’s what we’re looking for.  

pier15.jpg   pier13.jpg   pier12.jpg

pier11.jpg   pier10.jpg   pier-14.jpg


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