Last night we covered a high school graduation. We were afraid of being run off by the event photographer, but there turned out not to be one. That means we could have really covered the thing thoroughly had we had one more day to prepare.

We split up the event. Elliott and I took the gym where the students lined up to be patted down before going out, something I had never seen before. This is also where Elliott out shot me for the third time in a row. Then we followed the line out to the foodball field where Keith and Ed outshot me as well.

 I’m just in a bit of a rut right now. I’ll step back up, it just sucks having garbage compared to the pictures that everyone else is bringing in. Ed and Elliott both got great photos of the hats being thrown. And Ed will surely make some money because he covered all of the kids as they walked off the stage. Keith had shot after shot of great single shots.

I got a decent overall photo. Hopefully that will sell. If nothing else I moved a lot of cards for everyone else. I know about 3/4 of the kids got cards. I personally distributed them to an entire line of 100 kids then we all walked around handing out cards after. I was proud of Elliott because from my tower that I shot from I looked down where he was, which was right beside the graduates, and he was handing out cards during commencement.

If you want to see the gallery, go to, and then click find photos, then type Nordhoff for the gallery name. Or you can search all of our galleries by searching our home site. Pictures can be recognized to each photographer with initials. Brad Luttrell (bjl), Keith Smiley (kas), Ed Matthews (ecm) and Elliott Hess (elh).

Keep coming back. I’ll post a picture once I finally get one I like.


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