So long MyFace

Today the hits are down. I don’t have to ask why they were cut in half.

 Yesterday we all banded together against the all-too-creepy Until August 1st, 07 we’ve all sworn off the site and may in turn enjoy the time away. The biggest loss is that people can’t find the site as easily. Most of the traffic was coming from but that’s fine. I’ll take the parents and few other dedicated readers.

So now this is the only place to find what’s happening. There are no pictures on facebook, myspace (I never used that site anyways) or any other stalk-help Web site.

Maybe I’ll join the site again once I leave California. I kind of hope I don’t.


2 Responses to “So long MyFace”

  1. Britney Says:

    wow… this is weird for me becuase you are actually the one who converted me to facebookism. but, being the dedicated reader i am, it will not affect my veiwing frequency.

  2. Abby McGregor Says:

    i am dedicated reader as well, although you probably didn’t know that.
    i actually googled you to find the site again.
    so now you are bookmarked.

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