Thank you Ventura Volvo

If you ever want to find new appreciation for whatever you’re driving park your car at a friend’s house and rent from Enterprise for a week.

I got the Volvo back yesterday and being reunited with my car was comparable to when I was in second or third grade and my parents returned after being gone to Spain for nine days. No offense parentals, but I may have been more excited to get the Volvo back. Especially after my dad sent me a text to let me know that BMW loaned him a 2007 328xi while the Mini Cooper was in the shop.

I swore the whole way down the coast that I didn’t think anything was wrong with the transmission and even the guy at Volvo in Portland told me it would probably just be a sensor. Thankfully driving an extra thousand miles on a busted Volvo transmission is OK.

I’m also thankful that any type of light came on. Had it not been for the transmission I’m not sure I would have noticed any of the problems they fixed. The list in its entirety included:

·        2 gasket oil trap replacements

·        unexplained hose

·        read and front bushing front control arms

·        4 wheel alignments

·        oil change, new plug

·        steering rod

·        more unexplained hoses

·        toe in front adjustment

·        4 new brake lights

·        huge list of sealings and what not

·        new automatic transmission

·        2 screws

·        new transmission software

Thankfully my mom had a 100,000 mile warranty. The VIP warranty paid for $4,693.04 and I had to pay $247.98. They may have cut down a redwood to make the amount of paper my receipt required. When the cashier pulled my file it was over 2″ thick. It feels so nice to have a car with some power and quality. And the people at Ventura Volvo made the whole experience really easy. They did at least pay for the piece of junk we drove around for a week.

I’m going to clean it out today. But even with all the crap that’s still on the inside I’m still happy to have my car back. 


One Response to “Thank you Ventura Volvo”

  1. All I can say is “AMEN”! Thanks VOLVO…for excellent customer service for an out of town college kid (sorry…young man). And yes, the 328xi was a blast!

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