Keith (almost(but not really)) got killed

I’ve been working on something for you.

The other day we had a day of just hanging out, playing guitar and abandoning facebook. That same day we decided to go downtown and walk over to the pier. This would be Keith’s first time touching the Pacific, which is a pretty big deal!

So as he moves toward the water, we all get our cameras ready and Keith rolls up his sleeves. We all get in a row like a pack of wolves ready to pounce him as if he were a helpless calf. But it’s important to document such an event. This is big, son.

So if you watched the video you can see that Keith was totally unsuspecting of the wave. But what is the funniest part you can’t hear. Right before Keith gets nailed I yelled, “Run Keith! Ruuuunnnnnn!” as if I were really in fear for his life. This happens right about when I started to run, which is when you see my totally crooked frame in the video.

 It was a hilarious event that I’ve been dying to blog about but couldn’t until I put together that video.


7 Responses to “Keith (almost(but not really)) got killed”

  1. I can’t believe you don’t have comments on this yet. The video is amazing Brad, nicely done. And Keith…I’m speechless. That was hilarious.

  2. I love this video and I think there need to be more just like it…but obviously not of the same subject, come on I’m not that silly :)

  3. Haha, nice.

    Well done, Keith.

    And nice video (and music) Brad.

  4. Christen Says:

    I like how it looks like you’re trying to shake hands with the ocean.

    “Nice to meet you, Ocean.”


  5. perfect. just perfect haha

  6. […] getting somewhat better but still no where near as good as a few of my peers: Keith, Palmer and […]

  7. […] I haven’t even said “hi” to the Gulf yet, but only because I’m afraid it will be as mean as the Pacific was. […]

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