Stepping out on our own


Not all of our galleries are going to come from Dave. Sometimes you just stumble onto things.

Yesterday Elliott and I went to pick up my car and were driving around, exploring, and we found a great park on the beach. Each of us only had our mid or wide range lenses, which by the way breaks one of Dave’s biggest rules in his book, The Great Picture Hunt. We weren’t prepared for the pictures that were there.

Keith and Ed were doing computer work. This means Ed edited photos for two hours while Keith sat at a coffee shop working on PWP’s Web site. So Elliott and I had all day to do whatever and decided to shoot a bit there. We figured out that we needed all of our gear so we went back.

Ed called us on our way back and decided he wanted to come. Keith went out to buy a wireless router so we could stop stealing it from the neighbors.

Once we got back to the park there was about half as many people there. Ed and Elliott played, or trained as Ed calls it, on the playground. I shot a lot, trying to hand out some cards. I had a few nice pics. I’m only putting two on here, if you want to see the whole edit go to






One Response to “Stepping out on our own”

  1. The birds next to the old people is absolutely brilliant. I might want to buy that one…

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