Seeing the picture within the picture


          Much of photography is anticipation. This holds especially true in journalism. Anticipating your subject’s next move is critical in order to compose a photo before it happens. While reaction time is so crucial, I would say anticipation is more important.


          This applies to landscapes as well. Composing a good landscape photo can take several tries at a specific area. You need to check your horizons, lines, light is crucial and other tweaks to composition all go together to make those drop-your-jaw photos on national geographic spreads. It is possible to drive up on a great landscape photo on accident or without premeditation, but its obvious why more thought can mean better photos. Anytime you think more about your art you develop it more.


          Tonight we basically took all that and threw it out the window. Keith and I were going to go and walk around downtown on Main Street then for some reason or another just decided to go to Lake Casitas which is about 12 miles away. We went back and picked up some camera equipment (an extender for you photo nerds) and Ed and Elliott decided to come.


          We were driving there while the good light was starting to hit. What we call good light hour, or all that low, side-swooping light that all photographers wait all day for was going away. It didn’t help that we got turned around (because we didn’t trust a California road sign…which sounds dumb but none of the signs here make sense). After aimlessly driving around and pulling one u-turn and a pointless stop we found a decent location.


           I didn’t work this as well as I wanted to. I’m not sure you ever do though. There is always a critique and it’s always harsh. My first time through I pretty much hated all of these pictures but I think I’m starting to like them.



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