Today’s theme: Orchards


Welcome to Ojai.

This morning I went out at about 6 AM and drove as fast as I could manage in order to catch the good light that was starting to peek out over the mountain. I stopped at several places along the way to the overlook that Dave showed us yesterday.

I didn’t mean to, but I shot a lot of the orchards today. It’s a new thing for me. I’m not used to seeing them but they’re so pretty and the light comes through them so nice. I was tempted to pluck an orange to have for breakfast but I thought that the sticky fingers wouldn’t go well with my camera gear so I went with McDonalds instead (as if sticky fingers from jelly go any better).


All of my photos today are simple. I shot them that way because I’m working on Dave’s stock photos. The idea is to have a nice photo that is generic. You want something that could be used for a lot of things and that magazines and publishers for the area would want to have.


This beautiful tower is the post office in downtown Ojai. It’s a beautiful building, especially with the morning light streaming across it. I meant to walk around more downtown but I didn’t have much time with the light since I didn’t get up at 5:30 like I wanted. So this is what I ended up with. I’m happy with my pictures from this morning though.




While this last photo may not be an orchard, I find it just as interesting and it’s just as common in the Ventura area. Dave says oil is what made the place, and the pumps are still here to prove it.


One Response to “Today’s theme: Orchards”

  1. Brad— of course i am not a professional, well, i’m not a photographer either ah heck, i can’t even take a snapshot of family without cutting someone’s head off…… anyway, you all critic each photo, but i think they’ve all been great!!! really like these pics — my favorite is the single tree with the sun spilling through the branches…

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