The sidewalks are watching me think about you

          A month ago I had no idea what I was doing.

          I didn’t know anything about our road trip. I didn’t know where any of the cities in California were, only that they were spread out and that Ventura was north of LA. That rough itinerary, yeah, well we started breaking that the first day. In fact aside from actually going to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons I think the rest of our plans were foiled. Instead of one night in the Rocky Mountains we did three. We didn’t plan on coming down the coast. We didn’t see Las Vegas but did see Portland.

           We did hold fast to some of what we said from the beginning. The last paragraph of the itinerary says, “Sorry for the lack of detail on some of this, but this is a trip that we’ve decided that we want to build as we go and do as much as possible while we’re there. A strict itinerary would limit us, and we’re avoiding any limitations this summer.” 

          I’m proud to say we followed through on the latter. We did whatever we wanted and it’s been a unique experience. Now we’re at here in southern California shooting pictures, still exploring and learning.

            We’ve had the pleasure of living with Martha Jansz, who is one of the most laidback and friendly people I’ve ever known. I speak on the behalf of four when I say she will be missed when we leave Pomo Street heading for Kentucky. Her hospitality has been that of family. After Aunt Martha moves to Canada in a few years, I’m pretty sure it will be time to go pay her a visit.

           Like I said last night, our time is coming to its end. Ed only has two weeks left before he boards a plane that will take him back to Lexington so he can see friends and go on a family vacation. Elliott and I are leaving on the 15th and driving I-40 through what Keith calls the northern Texas wasteland. Wasteland or not we’ll be trekking it as quickly as possible to get back so Elliott can see his mom for her birthday and I can see my parents, grandparents, siblings (Megan and Alex) and Mary Margaret. Keith will be leaving around that time and driving a modified version of the way we came in. Going through Utah to Denver he’ll see his friends there and coming through what we called a wasteland on the way in, Kansas.

          When I think of seeing my family and friends I get excited, but just as quickly I start getting sad because I know I’m going to miss California and those I’ve met here. I fear how different the University of Kentucky will be when Dave finally decides to move back to Ventura, a decision that is looming in the minds of four of his most devoted followers. I wonder if I know what I’ll miss the most or if it will be something that comes to me after being back in Kentucky for a while. Constantly there is a battle of excitement and despair in my mind.
           The answer seems obvious: enjoy the now. But being in the now is what battles the cluster of emotions that makes me stay up until 1 AM pacific time talking to someone three hours ahead of this “now”. She makes me want to leave tonight and drive the day and a half straight so I can be in her driveway by Wednesday night. It’s a battle of sentiment that I wish I could care less about and focus on those feelings individually. But I’m constantly thinking about what is left and leaving.


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