Santa Barbara

We drove to upper Ojai on the way to Santa Barbara the first time. This is a sunrise in upper Ojai. This isn’t a black and white.

With time closing in we’re trying to get out and do as much as possible. Yesterday we went back to Santa Barbara for a second time. I’m not doing much of a post. It’s mostly pictures with captions. We leave for Yosemite today, but keep coming back. The blog will be updating automatically, just as this post is. Keith’s epic post is coming… You wont be sorry for checking.

Elliott bought a much needed new lens. He’s loving it. This guy was Maurice I think. Very helpful.

Flowers in the coy pond at the mission in Santa Barbara.




Day 2

A couple prepare for a horse carriage ride through downtown at sunset.

A guy fishing off the peer at sunset in Santa Barbara.


I found a skatepark tonight that was fun to shoot even though I didn’t nail the picture I wanted. This is close though.




One Response to “Santa Barbara”

  1. There are so many terrific pictures in this batch. Well done, guys.

    And tell Ed to shave. Jesus.

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