Travel Journal

One of the biggest sequoias we’ve seen, but we should be encountering a few more.  

Travel Journal for Yosemite

June 30, 07

          Our first day was slow and uneventful. Believe it or not when you first come into the Sequoia Forest there isn’t a sequoia to be seen. Actually, there isn’t even anything taller or greener than a small bush. No trees. Finally we started seeing the dead and burned trees, and still  no sequoias. I’ll go as far to say that if you were standing on the highest point within the first 15 miles of actually seeing a tree, you couldn’t even hear a sequoia fall. Or even better, if the closest sequoia were to catch fire, you’d be lucky to hear the fire truck come by, because he’d probably be better off coming from the other side.

          Tonight we’re staying at some campground on the side of the road that didn’t make us pay. Actually it doesn’t even have tent pads, numbers, a host or even a gravel road. We are allowed to have a fire though, so that’s kind of nice. Despite being 101 degrees earlier it’s kind of chilly right now.

I almost drove past this view. Elliott asked me if I was going to stop at one of these. I thought he meant campsite. I’m glad he stopped us because this was the last pull out with this view.

          I can tell you we’re 20 miles south of Camp Nelson, California. I have no clue how close that is to Yosemite because Elliott made our route and Keith navigated it so all I did was drive.

          I tried to call Marina and Alex to wish them a happy birthday on the way here. I finally got a hold of Alex at 2:30 when he was waking up (that means 5:30 for most of you folks). No luck on Marina, but if she’s reading this she should know I tried.

          We’re back to eating noodles and canned food. I have some apples that Martha gave us and a few cans of potted meat. What I’m saying is we’re in need of hitting a grocery tomorrow. I’m just hoping we can get a cup of coffee and make it to Yosemite tomorrow in time to shoot a bit.

          Hopefully this isn’t the first day of five of no talking to Mary Margaret. I’m not sure how I’ll respond to that, since like she says, the phone is all we’ve had.

Probably not the best from these shots, but I thought the trees were pretty and just wanted to show the landscape more than the best picture.
July 1st update:

We’re in Pierpoint Springs in a restaurant off of 190 where we have wireless but no cell service. Ed has killed five flies with his menu since we’ve been here, and the urinal was filled with ice. We’re all wondering if that’s where the ice for the water came from, but it’s not stopping us from going to the car to get our Nalgenes to fill up.

On into Yosemite from here. Elliott is working on a way to see not only the largest tree in the world, but it’s also the largest living organism. These trees are over 3,000 years old. For those of you who believe in Jesus, just think about being around about 1,000 years before he was born. 


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