Travel Journal Part Deux

General Sherman, largest tree in the world. So large that its volume is enough to hold a normal family’s water supply for 3 years. Estimated to only be 2,000 years old, which is young for trees this size. Its circumference is 100 feet. The tree’s diameter is a little over 30 feet. Its largest branch is 6.8 in diameter. Each year General Sherman makes enough new wood to make a normal size 50′ tall tree.

Blogger note: This is a journal that was typed on the marked date and the photos included are also from that date. Also, this is not a review of this road trip. Look for “Road trip within a road trip” later to cover everything and include all photos.

July 1

            Things aren’t always what they seem. Today we came to the conclusion that California isn’t what the rest of the world thinks it is. At first I liked the landscape we were uncovering. It seemed as if we were pioneers, and discovering new, unpublished lands. But the more and more we plowed into the vastness that was nothing but rolling, barren mountains that were baked brown from the 100 degree heat, the more I just wanted to be through it to get to Yosemite.

This was taking while going to Sequoia National Park. This is part of California that you don’t hear about and hardly ever see photos of. It’s overshadowed by landscapes in Yosemite and the glamour of living on the coast. 
            The only road we were able to take was a narrow winding path that went through miles of emptiness. We saw one cow, which I am 100 percent sure was lost from the herd. There were only two cars for around 45 minutes of driving. The road conditions made the area seem like the state of California had forgotten this piece of the land and moved it’s funding elsewhere. Were that the truth I’m not saying it was a bad decision, but it kind of seems that this is the truth about everyone.

If anyone knows what causes trees to only grow on one side of a mountain I’d like to know. I’ve seen this quite a bit and can’t figure it out.

            When you think of California you think of the coast. Even narrower you think of southern California. Take it down even more and you think of LA, Hollywood and Malibu. This isn’t fair because it’s not a representation of the state. California has a vastly diverse landscape that seems to go unnoticed if it’s not in a national park. What about the land that’s just outside of all of these cities? If I lived here I would have my project. A book called something cheesy like, “California Forgotten”.
            Almost all of the campsites here in Yosemite are full and are expected to be so all week. We found one and got here late, around 9:30. After the tents were set up and we were sitting in the dark we heard a crack and looked over and a deer was standing about 20 feet from us. Keith pointed out it was probably coming for the salt in our urine from three of us flooding a tree immediately after driving for so long.

            We plan to get up at 4:45 to go shoot pictures, and avoid having to pay a site fee. I’m sure I can’t match anything of Ansel Adams but I’ll sure as heck try.



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