Goodbye to Oh, Hi (pronounced Ojai)!


Dave is always asking us how we feel. You can’t answer good, because he follows up with, “Well how do you feel about things? What’s going on?” He’s always interested in us and what we’re doing. I appreciate him not taking a cop out answer.  

He asked us if we wanted to go shooting with him the other day, since we usually shoot and then he critiques it. I was excited because I love seeing how excited he gets to make pictures. Once when Tucker was asking Dave to go with him to the Reagan Library Dave shushed him and said, “Honey, I like going places with you, but I like to take pictures too.” It’s truly a passion for him.

We started kind of late so we missed most of “good light hour”, but it was nice to work on other things. This is just what managed to squeeze out. I like it. If you like it, you can take it, or leave. If not, I’ll just keep moving along.

I really missed this picture, or didn’t nail it. I like it though, and with the crop I gave it I think it works.

Baby crickets? I guess. I don’t know. Heck, this isn’t even Ojai. This is Martha’s backyard. But I liked it so I thought I would post it.





One Response to “Goodbye to Oh, Hi (pronounced Ojai)!”

  1. i really like the picture of the couple.

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