Beginning a goodbye

This was the last time everybody was together. I don’t have much to upload, but Keith may be able to show you a bit more. I was mostly cooking and fighting off kids with partially cooked hot dogs.

It’s all coming to an end. Fast. We’ll be leaving Ventura for Lexington and Middlesboro, spread out from each other and probably not keeping up with what’s going on in anyone’s life but our own.  Then we’ll all be back in the Kernel, seeing each other what we used to think was a lot. Still the same it will only be a small portion of the time we’ve spent together in California for one summer. Despite that reunion we’ll still be missing Martha, who I’m going to miss more than the entire state of California.

This is one of my favorite things to grill, but it didn’t work out so well with my inexperience in grilling on charcoal. The next night was much better, but it’s partially because Ed and Elliott cooked too. Keith was helping with taking photos on this one on my cameras.

We had the whole LaBelle family over for the cookout. Penny, who they are staying with, watches Dave try to round up Tucker after a tickling fit.



One Response to “Beginning a goodbye”

  1. Christen Says:

    That picture of Dave and Tucker is the cutest.

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