The Departure

When we depart from 237 Pomo Street depends on a few things. Mostly, we’re waiting to see if we can meet with the photo editor of the Star. If not, we may be leaving Friday morning. If so, we’ll be pulling out as early and well rested as possible on Saturday morning. If we leave on Saturday, I have the route planned. It’s kind of intense but I have family business to attend to back home.

Our first day’s toughest navigation will be making it to I-40. We’ll drive about 14 hours (an hour less than our first day on the way out here) and travel about 976 miles. This is only figuring we’re leaving on Saturday. If we end up leaving on Friday then we’re going to be stopping much sooner. For all you parental units out there, rest assured. We’ll be staying in Santa Rosa Lake State Park. Keith was right about this area being a wasteland. There wasn’t much to pick from.

Day two will be us going almost to St. Louis. We’ll merge onto I-44 and ride it to our second night. If we went all the way to St. Louis it woul dbe another 900ish miles and 13 and a half hours. Since we’ll have about 6 more to drive after St. Louis, we’ll probably stop short and split some of the difference. In my mind, we’ll be too close to home if we make it to St. Louis. I’ll push on. So we should probably stop short.

Day three is the obvious. I push Elliott out into his driveway and head down I-75 to stop on South 27th Street in the Borough. I’ll get to see my family and friends. I’m sure I’ll have a feeling of relief immediately, but after a few days I’m positive I’ll be missing the experience and adventure.


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