Travel recap:

We can’t see the Star’s photo editor because she’s out of town on vacation for a week. Since we can’t hang around for a week, we’re heading out. I’ll be sleeping in a bed (any bed would be fine at this point, since I’ve only slept in one four times since we left in May), which happens to be my own, on Sunday night.

New plans are to leave here on Friday after breakfast with Dave. We’ll get to Flagstaff that night where Elliott and I see there is a KOA. I told my dad I would stay in a hotel but I’d rather stay at a KOA anyday. KOA’s are fantastic. Is this free advertising? Yes. But I’m OK with that.

We’ll probably make it to Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s a little under 14 hours and under 1,000 miles. The next day will only be about 11 hours to Lex where I can then drive the two home.

My emotions are running wild. I can’t decide when to be excited and when to be bitter. Low-spirits are coming in with the highs. And the good seems to be causing the bad.  I miss Mary Margaret. That emotion weighs a little heavier than the rest. But leaving a day early isn’t going to get me any closer to seeing her. I still have to wait until the 20th.


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