It was like home

Photos by Keith

The last day we spent in Ventura we had a job to do. It was one that had been hanging around for a while.
I’m not talking about anything as binding as making the book we set out to make in the beginning of the summer. This job was a bit more of the type of work I’m used to than that, and more rewarding.

Of course, Elliott wanted to jump onto the top of the house so that he could cut the limbs. While he probably would have made it, I’m not sure the chunk he would have taken out of the shingles would have helped the house sell any faster. We finally leaned a ladder over onto the house.

Herald Leader photographer David Stephenson told me one time if the Herald Leader ever fired him, he would take up landscaping. He said it’s just like photography. You think about something, work hard to get the look you want and in the end you can step back and see what you’ve created. I agree with that comparison. So what better than to combine the two in this blog?

One day Dave gave us a reciprocating saw and told us to take it to Martha. We were like, “What could Martha possibly want to do with this thing?” We found out it was what she wanted us to do. Now, I’m not complaining at all. It was nice to have something we could help Martha with, because the whole time we were there she did nothing but give. Martha, if you’re reading this (and I know you are), thanks for everything.

Elliott may have not been the best candidate to put on the roof, he was the best to put in the trash can to squish the limbs. If you’re a quick one, you’ll realize that even though the top pic says photos by Keith that Keith is in this picture. And if you’ve kept up with the blog, you know Ed was gone by this point, so that really only leaves one person to have taken this photo. No! Not Martha!

trees4.jpg    trees.jpg


One Response to “It was like home”

  1. You guys are the greatest and my gardener (who finally showed up) commented that the tree looked much better! Love the photo of Brad on the sofa with his sun glasses on!

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