Should I stay or should I go?

Note to my readers: You have in no way seen the last of the posts about California. Please, come back. My mind and heart are still not sure where or how to get footing back in Kentucky. I have so much to say. I’m just taking a bit of time to get settled. I have a large family and a new house I’m trying to move into. So be patient and keep me in your Favorites. If I’m not in your Favorites, then put me there!

I’m looking around, not sure what to do. I’ve got plenty of places to see, gigs of photos to shoot, but not sure who wants to see them. Maybe I’ll just vent, but it’s nice to have feedback and an audience every now and then.
Photo by Ed Matthews
This blog has been so much fun for me. It’s been a way to document my travels, communicate with my family and friends and an outlet for my art. Most of all though, it’s forced me to think about what I’ve done and how it’s affected me. I can’t rightly tell you how it felt to do something if I haven’t really thought about those experiences. So more than anything, I want to thank all of you who have worn this link out. We’ve gotten almost exactly a hit for every mile we traveled (not counting those miles in that crappy rental car though).

We’ve had those who tell me they’ve looked at it once or twice and verify by saying something like, “Yeah, Elliott likes to jump on things.” And then you have people like my parents, Tom, Becky, Janet and a few great friends who tell me things like, “I stopped checking the news online in the morning and started reading the blog instead.” Comments like those make me glad I did it and want to keep doing it, but I’m having a debate about what to do now.

I want to keep this blog running. It’s important to me. I’m never going to close it, so if you’re wondering, it will be here as long as is running. My question comes to what to use it for now. I really like the name of the site address and want to keep it as mine. I have another blog that I’ve been using for several years, but want to do some work and clean it up before I give its address back out. This blog has gotten 10 times the hits of my other one has in its whole lifetime. So over 2 years cannot compete with this summer.

So here is where I really want feedback. If I kept this blog open as a travel blog for us, would people come back to it? I know it’s not going to be daily because the mystique is gone. People aren’t wondering if my leg has set in with infection or if the Volvo made it to Ventura. I know that, but I wonder if I should leave this blog to only write about adventures. I’d like some feedback on that as I debate this back and forth. Right now I’m going to use my old blog for all my emotional baggage, philosophical b.s. (that stands for bachelors of science right?) and the rest.


3 Responses to “Should I stay or should I go?”

  1. Britney Says:

    brad. im not sure why, but i like hearing what you have to say. i know i know. but obviously something keeps me coming back. i vote you keep it.

  2. I vote to keep it. You give me hope that the youger generation will leave this world a better place. I think you are very talented. The pictures and particularly the writing have been awesome. It makes me happy Elliott got to spend the summer with you and hopefully learned some writing skills. I hope all is well with Mary Margaret. Our house can be your Lexington home, come by anytime.
    NO ROMAN CANDLES. Parental units, Becky and Tom

  3. I would really miss this blog, so I vote “keep it” also. Plus I like going back to read it as it reminds me of one of the best summers I have every had! You can’t get rid of it until you visit again and give me new memories!

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