Old blog slob

I’ve spent the past hour and a half reading my old blog. I’ve decided it is officially dead to me. I’ll be writing its last post sometime tomorrow morning. I’ll never close it down though. There are some really important post in there to me that I want to remember, such as  a post about my aunt who passed last year and most of all the posts about my photography. I was able to see myself grow over the past two years all in an hour and a half. Despite my appreciation for that site, I’m not giving the address out. If you’re truly interested in reading farther you can email me via commenting and I’ll give you the link, or you can use your interWeb skills to track it down.

While I loved my old writing, in that I was a bit more ignorant and bold than I am now, I will be glad to lay it to rest. Sometimes I wonder if I can be that creative again and other times I wonder why I didn’t make the site more original. Now I’m given the chance to fix it all second time around (I guess I’m admitting that I love blogging?).

After seeing all of the material within the blog it seems to be more of a dead time capsule than a living document, which is how I see active blogs. Many of the posts are about times I’ve had getting into the Kernel and about 1/3 of the posts are about an ex girlfriend. That’s probably the main factor in not using that blog anymore. She’s a  part of my life that I’m past, and even though I recognize most of that time as a learning experience, I’m moving on. She feels the same so I’m not ashamed to say that, but those old blogs are not something I want to be recently attached to me.

So to answer my question about whether or not “The Doctor” would pick back up with (Re)Acting on Impulse, the answer is no. The Doctor has written his last post. Tomorrow I’ll put together my final sign off and thank you on that blog then start trying to forget my login for the site (a definite impossibility since I use the same password for everything).

This doesn’t mean that I’ve decided to keep blogging about my daily routine on this site though. I have already created a blog with an address I like, but don’t know if I’ll use it. I mostly just wanted to snag the address before someone else did. I’m still debating on where to go with my thoughts, complaints, lessons and art. Despite not publicly posting the link to my past, I will be posting the link to the blog of the future. I kind of like you guys and want to see you come back.


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