I never watch cable

I was watching TV tonight because I had nothing to do. It has rained all day and I’ve been stranded, only leaving once to pick up Wendy’s. A
Stephen Segal movie, Hard to Kill, comes on and my dad and I both just start rolling with laughter. I sat through the whole thing, and either I was more bored than I thought or it wasn’t that bad of a movie.

Anyway, the point of me even writing this is it made me miss California. Segal comes out of a 7 year coma and escapes a shooter by pushing himself through a hospital with a broom while laying in a hospital bed. It was pretty impressive. I would be happy to eat solid food if I were him. But after his nurse finds him and rescues him by throwing him in her convertible and driving off just in time, they drove across a road and I was like, “I’ve driven that.” I believe it was the 101 on the Northern side of L.A. The next scene is a shot of a sign that says, Ojai 8 miles. Later, Segal’s son who escaped 3 gunmen by jumping out of a window was in school in Ventura. I’m sure seeing your landscapes is normal for Californians but I’m not used to it.

After a gloomy day all it took was a little martial arts and corny one-liners from Stephen Segal to cheer me up. Mary Margaret will be here on Thursday. I think that will do the trick too. She comes complete without the corny one-liners and is just a bit cuter.


One Response to “I never watch cable”

  1. isn’t it funny how seeing things in movies is such a big deal?
    that kind of reminds me of when we were in europe and we went through this tunnel and everyone was like, “hey, this is the tunnel from the bourne supremacy!” or whatever, i don’t really remember if that was the movie.
    i actually have another story similar to that.
    at the end of office space the beach that milton is on is about 20 steps away from my house in the keys. i was so excited when i saw it.

    i know both those stories were kind of pointless, but oh well.

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