Insight from the ‘intern’

Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to help me see things right. My friend Britney helped to point out how she felt about my last post.

Distance is the most important factor, not where you were. Britney said it seemed like she could feel the distance. It’s as if she knew it was impossible to see us since we were on the other side of the country. She said that since she’s heard me talk about Middlesboro and knows how close it was, it wouldn’t have felt the same.

“When you guys were gone to california…
everytime I thought/talked/read of you it felt like you literally were like 5 million miles away,” she said.So maybe I was wrong to say what I did about the attention we were getting. But I’m not sorry for saying it. If I hadn’t I would have just kept it to myself and never gotten any outside opinion on it.This isn’t the first time Britney has given me good insight.

Check it out.


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