In the middle of medium

This appears set up but it’s not. I was playing music tonight and looked around and realized that I had four instruments strung out on my bed. I set up a camera in my shelf and just documented what I have been doing all day. I’ve been learning a few O.C.M.S. songs on that banjo that was a gift from my grandfather and falling back in love with my old Jaguar-copy electric guitar (that I’m playing in the pic) that  is probably twice as old as I am.

I’ve always been an artist. When I was in third grade it was drawing. In seventh grade I bought my first bass guitar and then learned to play guitar. In high school I learned that I love to write. My interest in photography came my freshman year in college. Throughout my life I’ve fallen in love with art through its many medias. The most likely reason is that it’s always been the only thing I’m good at. I was never a starter in any sport, always kind of smart but never a stand-out student and previous to my junior year in high school I wasn’t exactly very good with people. The only outlet for any skill I was withholding seemed to be through my hands.

I kind of owe it to Elliott for getting me back into my music. He used to ask me to come teach him how to play guitar before I really even knew who this kid who had been to Alaska was. Honestly, he didn’t need me to teach him how to play, he’s not bad. But he did revive it in me. After going to his loft a few times we were playing together quite often. Then a writer and friend from the Kernel, Josey McCoy, came into play and I’m looking forward to jamming with these guys when I get back. Josey can rock the piano, guitar, harmonica and probably a few other instruments that I don’t know about. All of these come on the side to his amazing voice. He’s an excellent musician.

I had all of this in mind when I picked my room in my new house (not the one in the picture…that’s in Middlesboro). I have the entire upstairs and plenty of room for jamming. I guess I wont be seeing Josey until school starts but I’m hoping to get a few nights of playing in with Elliott before we’re back slaving every day of our lives for the Kernel. As much as I love to complain about being under-paid, over-worked and unappreciated (as all Kernelites are) I am in love with the place. That basement is home to me. Besides providing a few measly dollars a month it has provided me with some of the best friends I have ever had.

Like we’ve said time and time again, the Kernel giveth and the Kernel taketh away.

This summer was a musical fiasco. My head has experienced eargasm after eargasm. I found out that Ed played guitar in Guitar Center where Elliott bought a beautiful guitar. This was news to me. It was fun playing at Grandpa Mac’s with Elliott, Pete and Susannah. Keith has one of the best music taste that I’ve ever, um, heard? Allie’s is great but I think Keith and I are almost right in line together. He brought in a few bands that I love. And I coerced him and Elliott to see an Incubus concert with me. Elliott was listening to their new CD when I got into his car the other day.

The trip may have been to learn photography but who says you can’t bring in other hobbies and experiences? I told the guys it’s probably the best thing for me that I can’t sing. If I could I may not even be in college because I would have been perfectly happy making a few measly dollars a week playing in bars and other small shows on the weekend. I guess minus that lifestyle, I’m still still going to make as much as an average musician’s salary, maybe a little more. I’m OK with that. When you’re only good with art, and art is priceless, you can’t expect much money, or at least that’s the easiest way to cope with being broke. As long as my art is leading me to great friends and trips like the one I had this summer, I’ll keep making it, no matter the medium I have to use. I’ll just be buying a few less utensils along the way.


One Response to “In the middle of medium”

  1. Britney Says:

    and we all know that frisbee isnt your calling either….

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