Friend G.

When I got back to Lexington I didn’t really reunite with my friends in a big fashionable party or “hip-hip hoora” with overcooked weenies, coolers full of overpriced and melting ice with drinks, and a dying charcoal grill. Instead I’ve made several sly passes through seeing people here and there. I’ve found out that my friends have had very diverse summers, not only from myself but from each other.

Friend A, for example, didn’t have classes to attend or a job to clock into and basically lounged all summer. I’m not sure any productivity happened. Friends B & C, had half a day of work and a class or two and was still able to enjoy summer while achieving a few goals. Friends D & E had internships where they were working full time for newspapers and getting great opportunities to learn. Friend F had a job and was able to stay in Lexington and go home and see the fam too. Friend G is the one who truly impresses me. Friend G had an internship and three other jobs. Friend G only got one night off a week, and often that was spent preparing for the other jobs.

Allie Garza worked so hard this summer it makes me feel guilty for not having an agenda. Allie (Friend G, for those of you who missed it) had an academic photo internship at the Herald Leader, she is a DJ for WRFL once a week (unless she fills in for others, then add a night), worked as a barista at Central Baptist and she was the Summer-Kernel’s photo editor. Folks, that is a lot of work.

I’ve gotten to see Allie more than any of my other friends. We went out for coffee before I had to come back to Middlesboro and before she took off to California for a family adventure of her own. This was really the first time I had gotten to hear much about her summer. We talked about Dave leaving, her assignments, her favorite photographers at the H-L and her other job tasks. I asked Allie if she thought she was learning a lot at the H-L and she looked down and then shook her head.

Allie told me how she didn’t feel like she had gotten any better with her photos. I asked her if she felt like she was learning without executing. This seems to be the case for me most times, I’m learning things but having trouble executing them. Many of my friends tell me they have poor pictures turn up from their internships but still learn a lot. Learning is more important. Allie went on to tell me that she felt like she wasn’t getting to take full advantage of her internship because of her other jobs. Fully understandable.

I told her though that the connections she is making are just as valuable as learning. David Stephenson is a good friend to her and is the kind of guy who will always be willing to try and help you out. At the time I wasn’t able to encourage much more beyond this because our time was cut short. It wasn’t until later I realized what I wish I had said to her.

So here it goes:

Allie, buck up kid! You tell me you feel like you’re being left in the dust because Elliott is outshooting you, but hey, he was outshooting Keith, Ed and me at some points. Yeah, we’re in a competitive business and it’s important to stay on top. But it takes more than just being good to be successful. This summer you learned about dealing with priorities, balancing tasks and being the boss. You had experiences I missed out on by not doing an internship. Out of all my friends, I respect your summer the most. It takes a hard working person to be able to give up their summer partying and fun to earn a living and experiences. I wish I could have been around to hang out with you, or had you out in California with us, but think you learned so much at home you should forget all that regret. Right now you’re in California without me and I have that tear-filled eye and puckered chin feeling because I’m not able to enjoy it with you. I hope you have fun and enjoy being on a break. You deserve it.

Allie runs a great personal blog too. She’s a very observant and interesting person. I love reading it. Check it out:

                                            Dancing Robots


One Response to “Friend G.”

  1. I wish you were here with me, too.

    You’re the best. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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