I’m in Lexington for today and half of tomorrow. I’m still moving in and cleaning up. The process is very tiresome.

I’ve found a weak wireless signal from a local business in the area. Snatching wireless reminded me of being in Eureka, California and Ed baiting crows and sea gulls with kettle chips only to surprise them with the car door.Don’t count on many updates next week. It looks like I lied about coming back strong.
Probably once I finally move to Lexington this will become my blog, get the changes it needs and blah blah you can read about my life. It doesn’t promise any great stories like nearly losing my leg, lying to park rangers, stepping 3,000 feet above death or being swallowed by the sea, but I’ll try to keep it as interesting and anti-typical-blog as possible.

For now, check out one of my favourite blogs to read. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a weekly reader too.

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