Compare and contrast

I was able to spend tonight with a very good friend of mine who I haven’t seen nearly enough this summer. Allie and I went to a concert together (TV on the Radio) in Cincinnati and got to spend the entire evening together. We chatted about our trips this summer and I got to hear more about her internship and many jobs.

She was talking about how glad she was to be home when she finally got back and I told her I basically spend all of my time wishing I was back in California with Martha and the Pacific. We both agreed that it had more to do with how I stayed rather than who had a better time. Our trips to California were very different. Allie’s was really more of a vacation where as I really felt like I was living there for the summer. I wasn’t a typical tourist, unless of course you’re talking about when we were in Sequoia or Death Valley. Then yeah, we were tourists. But most of the time I felt like I was a member of the community.

In about five hours I’m heading to Louisville to start what will actually be a vacation for me. I’m going with Mary Margaret’s family to Michigan for a week. I’m looking forward to that and already thanking her family for inviting me. Don’t expect much of a travel blog next week. I’m taking a break from this blogging business for a while. It’s too stressful to think this hard about everything this much.

Yeah yeah, I know. I still need to give my final insight on the trip.

I’ll keep the blog updating with interesting sights and what not.


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