Da-Rouche is on Fire

While I’m gone I’ve set up the blog to update on its own again. This time it’s not hardly post that are as deep or even well thought out. I’m actually just taking this time to show you a few cool sites of my friends or maybe a few things my friends have showed me.

Today I’m starting with the guy who taught me about blogs. He’s the one who recommended it to me, and got me past all  the hard parts of starting a blog and even taught me how to use a few internet codings to make my site cooler.

Check out, American Twenty Something 3.0, for some of the best writing on the blogosphere. This guy is an intern at the Herald Leader this year and if you keep digging on his blog you can find out all about his new job that starts this fall.


One Response to “Da-Rouche is on Fire”

  1. Aw, shucks, dude.

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