Relax and stay a while

The Kalamazoo River is home to numerous boats, restaurants and a hotel or two (I think). The most significant attraction would have to be the Saugatuck Chain Ferry. Unfortunately I don’t have any great pictures of it. If you’re interested, click the link or contact Russ Wayne.

This is a picture of the 20th state I visited this summer (counting my home state) and 12th that was my first time being there. Mary Margaret’s family was generous enough to take me on their family vacation to Saugatuck, Mich. Complete with a beautiful beach, quaint lake house, clean and taintless downtown, and excellent food, the trip was a great time and I can’t say thank you enough to the Waynes.

This is Kilman’s Candy Store. The entire block near Kilman’s was always hoppin’ with ice-cream-carrying couples, families in line out the door for ice cream and fudge, and loaded park benches of those enjoying their cones and digging through paper bags of candies. Mr. Wayne was a fan of the raspberry candies that are pictured two photos below this sentence. I think we all helped to eat three pounds of them while we were there.


We’re probably on our way to Kilman’s in this picture. Mary Margaret became a lot more comfortable with the camera on this trip. I think if you’re going to date a photographer it’s not an option. It would be a break-up to ask one to put it away. I know how annoying we (photographers everywhere) get when we have our cameras, so I tried not to pack mine around when we would go out at night to dinner. If I’m carrying a camera I’m more likely to take advantage of the good pictures I see, and the bad. The bad ones are where I feel I would get annoying. The last day I packed my camera to dinner and downtown, which is where half of these photos came from, that last night.


We had a lot of fun this last night. After a great meal we made our last run to Kilman’s for the trip. I fired off 40-50 pictures inside then walked out the door to work on this photo through the window. After working it for about 10 frames, the girl got uncomfortable (so Mary Margaret said…I was busy motoring the shutter). You can see Mr. Wayne isn’t really engaging or interacting with me at all. He said he denied knowing me when she asked if the creepy guy in the window was with him. It’s fine. I have photographic proof.

I had a nice relaxing week with the Waynes. Once again I appreciate everything they did for me. They made me feel welcomed and more like a member of the family than a guest. Which is pretty significant if you remember this was only my second time meeting them. They gave me a trip that was the most like a vacation out of my whole summer. I see our trip to California as something that can’t be duplicated or used as relaxing, at least not in the same sense. We took on a lot with that trip and much of it was a task.

Thanks again Waynes. And P.S. – my dad started eating the blueberries immediately once I got home. He loved them.



One Response to “Relax and stay a while”

  1. See! My state rocks!

    Oh yeah, and great pictures and your girlfriend is pretty (not to diminish that she is attractive, but saying that she’s pretty is as complimentary of her looks I can be without feeling like I’m being offensive).

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