Only now it seems


I wish I could:
* Sing. Not to be a rock star, but to play for myself and close friends.
* Explain why I don’t talk to so many of you anymore.
* Figure out how to be bold enough to live as quietly as I want to.
* Spend one more week with my family before school starts.
* Shed light on this campus in the way I see it, not in the way I always capture it.
* Toss a duffel bag and camera in my car and just head somewhere I haven’t been.
* Spend more time learning and less in school.
* Be with her right now.

I’m glad I’m not:
* Who I used to be.


2 Responses to “Only now it seems”

  1. (You haven’t lost me as a reader)

  2. Brad, I love the blog!! You’ve got another dedicated reader too!! Your blog is so much cooler than mine!! haha :D

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